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CKM Savunma | Glass And VIP Turnstiles
CKM Savunma | Glass And VIP Turnstiles

 Used in spaces like the banks or corporate headquarters where aesthetic excellence is a priority to impress the visitors. The architects and interior designers have many options to customize this model and create a rich and opulent look. Among the decorative materials that can be used to transform this model into a visual masterpiece are marble and granite as well as leather and all kinds of wood finish including wall nut, oak, and olive.

Operation optical turnstiles form a corridor. In the middle of this corridor, there’s a wing obstacle made up of glassor plexiglass. When the visitors have their cards read by the card reader, the wing opens. While the visitors are passing through the gate, if another person wants to take advantage of the open turnstile and tail gate behind the first visitor, the obstacle closes and blocks the passage immediately and sets off the alarm. However, if the sudden closure of the wing has the potential to harm an individual, it does not close but the alarm continues to alert the security. With our model, the wings open and close by following an arc path. The top frame of these models could be made up of stainless steel, marble, granite or covered with polished wood.


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